EUS Everywhere – Anywhere there is Endoscopy

EndoSound, Inc. is an Oregon-based medical device innovator developing technologies that enhance access, reduce cost, and increase the safety of endoscopic ultrasound procedures,

The EndoSound Vision System (EVS) is an add-on device that consists of a compact ultrasound beamformer, reusable transducer, and disposable mounting kit that fastens onto any flexible upper gastrointestinal (GI) video endoscope to convert it into a fully functional endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) system. Its unique distal attachment allows the endoscopist to perform advanced procedures, such as fine needle biopsy, with precision, but without the controversial elevator mechanism found on all other linear echo-endoscopes.

EndoSound recognizes that EUS is a crucial medical modality that is not widely available to patients. EndoSound enables EUS Everywhere – Anywhere there is Endoscopy.


Single-use Ultrasound Endoscope Attached to a Standard Scope: First Human Cases and Results of a Prospective Pilot Study

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Product under development and not commercially available in the US or EU.