Wei Gong

Title: MD, PhD
Position: Director of the Department of Gastroenterology
Organization: Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University
Country: China

Gong Wei, was born in September 1976. Graduated from the First Military Medical University (Southern Medical University) with a Ph.D. From 2006 to 2007, he was a visiting scholar at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden; he went to Japan’s National Cancer Center Central Hospital, Japan’s Chiba Cancer Center Hospital, and Germany’s Mannheim Medical Center for advanced endoscopy techniques.

He is currently a member of the Youth Committee of the Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopy; member and secretary of the Standing Committee of the Digestive Endoscopy Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association; leader of the Gastrointestinal Early Cancer Group of the Digestive Endoscopy Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association; and the World Society of Endoscopy ( WEO) Member of Upper Gastrointestinal Early Cancer Group; Correspondence Editor of Chinese Journal of Digestive Endoscopy.

He has rich experience in the diagnosis of digestive endoscopy and minimally invasive interventional therapy. He is good at a variety of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment techniques, especially good at using stained magnifying endoscopy to diagnose early gastrointestinal tumors and endoscopic minimally invasive ESD treatment techniques.

He was the first to carry out transoral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) for the treatment of achalasia earlier in China and South China; the first to carry out endoscopic submucosal tunnel dissection (ESTD) for the treatment of submucosal tumors derived from the upper digestive muscularis propria, and gave a speech at the American Digestive Disease Week (DDW) and the American ACG Annual Conference in 2015 to introduce the experience of developing POEM and ESTD, and won the ACG International Award (ACG International Award).