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🗓 September 29, 2021 | 🕐 1:00pm-4:30pm CET | 🌐 Virtual

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Discover a day full of teachings, interactive discussions and live demos on utilisation of single-use endoscopes by leading medical experts and international KOLs in ERCP.


After experiencing the enormous problem of infections linked to endoscopes contamination, the world of endoscopy has begun a new fascinating journey with the intention of moving towards better infection control and increased safety of patients undergoing ERCP. This journey is based on a new biliary endoscopy model, performed with disposable instruments that guarantee a safe and effective approach, especially for those patients in which the possibility of developing a post-ERCP infection represents a dramatic event with enormous consequences in terms of morbidity and mortality.

In the 90s we have already experienced this transition from multi-use to disposable for all accessories of digestive endoscopy. And today, we all believe the use of disposable accessories is the standard of care, indispensable and irreplaceable.

We are now at the beginning of a new journey that will lead us towards a progressive replacement of our endoscopes with new dedicated, disposable instruments, designed for the needs of individual patients and to obtain the best outcome for management of complex clinical situations, such as in bilio-pancreatic diseases.

This course has been designed with the intention of offering a state of art on this topic, with multiple contributions from world-known experts and with the possibility of discussing the future of disposable endoscopy and its economic and environmental sustainability.

International Scientific Faculty

Get in-depth viewpoints from a global faculty of endoscopy superstars.
Hear first-hand insights on global utilisation of Single-Use Endoscopes by industry leaders.

Event Agenda

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The Journey to Single-Use Endoscopes | Wednesday, September 29, 2021 | Time CET

Welcome address by Alessandro Repici and J. Enrique Domínguez Muñoz


Introduction to Single-Use Endoscopes

Lecturer: Marco Bruno (The Netherlands) | Moderators: Alessandro Repici (Italy) and J. Enrique Domínguez Muñoz (Spain)

Impact of hospital infection and ERCP-related infection, where we are and what we can do

Round table
Panelists: Beatrice Casini (Italy), Marco Bruno (The Netherlands) and Frédéric Prat (France) | Moderator: Horst Neuhaus (Germany)

The US Journey: How do we get there?

Round table
Panelists: Alessandro Repici (Italy), Racho Strauven (Switzerland) and Raman Muthusamy (USA) | Moderator: Brian Dunkin(USA)

Single-Use Duodenoscope in an Immunosuppressed patient

Live demo
Performed by: Andrea Anderloni (Italy) | Moderator: Marianna Arvanitaki (Belgium)

What would be the next generation of Single-Use Duodenoscope?

Round table
Panelists: Bryan Bannon (USA), Horst Neuhaus (Germany), Raman Muthsamy (USA) | Moderator: Brian Dunkin (USA)

Single-Use Duodenoscope in a MDRO infected patient

Live demo
Performed by: Mark Elrichmann (Germany) | Moderator: Amrita Sethi (USA)

The Green of endoscopy: ecological considerations and action plan

Round table
Panelists: Ronan Coffey (Ireland), Olaf Postel (Germany), Jochen Hampe (Germany) | Moderator: Gareth Corbett (UK)

Closing remarks – Alessandro Repici, Amrita Sethi and J. Enrique DomĂ­nguez Muñoz

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