Taewoong Medical is a pioneer in the development of novel medical devices and treatment solutions.  Since it was founded in 1991, Taewoong has been striving to suggest concrete solutions to reduce patients’ pain and suffering. Taewoong Medical is proud to provide a full range of Gastrointestinal metallic stents with dedicated designs to meet the needs of diverse medical situations. The path we have taken is the history of gastrointestinal metallic stent itself. As a result, we can now suggest a way to treat lesions beyond the walls of the organs within endoscopic procedures.

“We connect your life” 
We connect your life through our capabilities and skills by solving medial and technical difficulties that have not been solved for a long period. We connect your life to improve the quality of life of patients who have deteriorated due to poor health.

“Imagination starts, innovation begins”
Taewoong Medical will continue to become a company that challenges technical limits with limitless imaginations and benefit people with innovative products.

Taewoong Medical will devote its competences into developing minimally invasive medical solutions which can 

  1. Minimize pain and sufferings of patients and their families
  2. Reduce medical staffs’ fatigue
  3. Improve the medical service environment more efficiently


ELRA – Endo Luminal Radiofrequency Ablation electrode

EUSRA – Endoscopic Ultra Sound guided Radiofrequency Ablation electrode

HOT SPAXUS – Electrocautery-Enabled Tip of Catheter

VIVA combo – RF Generator system