Steven Shamah

Position: Gastroenterologist, Interventional Endoscopist
Organization: Beilinson Hospital Rabin Medical Center
Country: Israel

Steven Shamah chief of endobariatric endoscopy at Beilinson Hospital campus of Rabin Medical Center affiliate hospital of Tel Aviv University. He is the chairman of the endoscopy committee of the Israeli Gastroenterology Association, which is responsible for Israel’s Endoscopic research collaboration and academic advancement.  Steven Shamah, a pioneer of endobariatric endoscopy in israel, has been teaching endobariatric techniques across israel. He was the first to perform X tack procedure outside of the United States and has used the technology to treat many difficult GI pathologies. Steven Shamah performs: EMR, Basic ESD, POEM, Zenker Myotomy, ERCP, and therapeutic EUS and has many publications in peer reviewed journals and multiple active research projects.