Mathieu Pioche

Title: Professor, MD, PHD
Position: Gastroenterology and hepatology doctor
Organization: Hospices Civils de Lyon (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Lyon) | CHU Lyon
Country: France

Mathieu Pioche is currently working as a doctor at CHU de Lyon – Groupement Hospitalier Edouard Herriot.
In 2014 he worked as a Foreign Fellow in the National Cancer Center and at Keio University, in Japan where he obtained the Japanese work license and thus trained himself in colonic dissection.

Dr Mathieu Pioche took part at various projects such as ESD with double clip and rubber band traction of neoplastic lesions developed in the appendiceal orifice, US-guided HIFU for heart ablation and optimization of ESD technique.

More recently, he became co-editor of the journal Endoscopy, medical promoter of the innovation project of the civil hospices of Lyon and co-scientific manager of the endoscopy universities of Limoges.